Frequently Asked Questions

– What is Asset Finance?

Asset finance is a flexible and cost-effective way for business owners to fund their companies offering convenient finance options as an alternative to traditional lending such as bank loans.

In Short, asset finance is exactly as it sounds, financing a piece of equipment that is key to your business, saving you the cost of buying it outright.

This helps preserve your cash flow for things such as staff wages and at the same time, you are generating income with your new asset whilst paying for it.

– Why use Asset Finance?

Using asset finance helps you purchase vital new equipment for your business without using up cash by paying for equipment outright. Once your finance is in place you can begin to use your new piece of equipment straight away, letting it pay for itself in the process.

If you need to upgrade equipment it can be replaced straight away when you need it using finance rather than taking time to save and pay for new equipment.

– What can be financed?

We can fund most assets, be it a traditional ‘hard’ asset such as machinery, tractors, forklifts and vans, to ‘soft’ assets such as IT software, office supplies, and furniture.

We’re able to finance assets in almost any industry, not just the ones listed on this site, so whatever asset you are looking to purchase to move your business forward just contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

– Isn’t finance not just for people who can’t afford to buy?

Asset finance is for all businesses looking to grow and reduce tax liabilities.

– Isn’t it cheaper just to go direct to a lender?

At Dealer Net Finance we have great connections with a number of lenders and due to the volume of business, we do we get some great rates for our customers. Also, by choosing Dealer Net Finance to arrange your finance for you, we do all the legwork.

You can continue to do your work and manage your business while we research the best finance option, manage all the arrangements with your supplier and arrange all the paperwork on your behalf.

– What finance products do you offer?

At Dealer Net Finance we work with several funders that can offer a range of finance facilities for your business including Hire Purchase, Finance Lease, Operating Lease, Loan, Contract Hire, Sale & HP Back. Click here to find out more about finance options available.

– Over how many years is finance available?

Up to 84 months is usually the normal industry standard, however, we do have access to funders who can offer up to 96 months on certain types of equipment. Each finance option is measured on individual requirements and we will work to fit your financial needs.

– Will I have to put down a deposit?

Whilst a 10% deposit is seen as the industry standard, in some circumstances we can arrange finance with no upfront deposit.

– Do you offer seasonal payments?

Yes. Many businesses have different peaks of income throughout the year as well as quieter periods. We tailor all finance agreements to each individual company needs. You can pay more when you have the income and less during your quieter periods.

– Can I fund the VAT on my purchase?

Yes. We do have funders who offer facilities to defer VAT on a short-term basis or fund the VAT over the full finance term on a purchase. We also offer a quarter VAT loan facility over three months to cover other general VAT bills.

– What is the minimum & maximum amounts I can borrow?

We offer finance from a minimum amount of £2,000 upwards.

– I am setting up a new business – can you help me?

Every business needs to start somewhere. Asset finance is the perfect way to get new businesses off the ground. Our team have experience working with start-up companies in many different sectors. It’s great to see new businesses grow and we love being part of that journey with you.

– What is your credit criteria?

Everyone and every business has different circumstances and different needs, so we treat every customer on a case by case basis.

– In what countries do you provide finance.

We provide finance across the whole of the United Kingdom, including Northern Ireland.

– How do I apply?

Call us on 0191 5866168, fill in our contact us form at the bottom of the page or send us an e-mail to and our team will be ready to offer you a bespoke professional service, taking you through the finance process from start to finish.