Types of finance

Hire Purchase

A flexible finance solution, hire purchase gives you the opportunity to get your hands on key equipment for your business straight away whilst making regular fixed payments over an agreed period of time. You pay the VAT and usually a nominal deposit upfront before tailoring payments and periods to suit your business needs, helping you preserve cash flow and ultimately owning your purchase outright at the end of the period.

Finance Lease

Finance leasing gives your business the option to lease equipment for fixed rentals which cover the asset cost. With this finance option, the VAT is payable on each lease payment instead of upfront. With a finance lease once you have finished your initial lease period you have the option to continue your lease, return or sell the equipment on for a fair market price.

Operating Lease

Another lease option but with an operating lease you don’t repay the full value of the asset, you pay for what you use or how long you use the item. Once you end the rental period agreed you return the asset. VAT is payable with each lease payment you make rather than upfront.


We can arrange unsecured loans for a range of business expenditure such as farm diversification projects, livestock, buildings, and inputs.
Other common example loan facilities include –

  • Quarter VAT Loan
  • Annual Tax Loan
  • Refurbishments
  • Debtor Funding
  • Stock Funding
  • Marketing Costs
  • Road Fund Licenses
  • Insurance Premiums
  • Recruitment Fees
  • Soft Assets (I.E. IT Equipment)

Contract Hire

Similar to operating lease but contract hire gives you the option to add a maintenance and servicing package that also covers the costs of taking regular care of your asset. Vehicles or equipment are leased with an initial payment and a fixed monthly cost over an agreed period, removing any uncertainty surrounding future fluctuating residual values.

Sale & HP Back

An easy way to get some cash flow back into your business. If you have paid for a piece of equipment outright, we can still arrange finance on this purchase within 90 days of the purchase date.